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Customized solutions for wet crawl space repair

For crawl space moisture-related issues, Allied Water Services is a top choice among Kankakee County homeowners. Our distinct approach to crawlspace encapsulation and repair differentiates us from other crawl space companies. Here's why you should entrust us with your crawlspace waterproofing.

Whether water intrusion is happening due to poor drainage or leaks in your crawl space, we can adequately locate the problem and deliver a solution to restore your crawl space to a dry and healthy state.

90 Mil Crawl Space Encapsulation

Poor drainage is usually the culprit

Water should be diverted away from your home, not towards it. Our drainage services and sump pump installations remedy the problem.

Expertise in crawlspace encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation is a comprehensive solution that takes the often neglected area beneath your home and turns it into a controlled and well-maintained space. Armed with the best techniques and premium materials, our team at Allied Water Services can fully encapsulate your crawl space, sealing it off from external elements to keep it dry. 

What is crawlspace encapsulation you ask?

This process involves sealing off your crawl space using specialized materials like vapor barriers, insulation, and proper sealing products. By creating a barrier against external elements, encapsulation effectively prevents moisture, pests, and other factors from infiltrating the space, resulting in a dry, clean, and healthy environment.

Benefits beyond moisture control

Beyond its primary purpose of moisture management, crawlspace encapsulation offers other advantages. Improved indoor air quality is one such benefit, as encapsulation reduces the entry of allergens and pollutants that could otherwise infiltrate through the crawl space. Additionally, encapsulation increases energy efficiency by creating a well-insulated and sealed environment that helps maintain consistent temperatures throughout your home.

We’re great at implementing moisture management strategies

Our dedication to water management goes beyond crawlspace encapsulation. We provide other effective solutions that include drainage systems, sump pump installations, and vapor barrier implementation to effectively tackle moisture intrusion in your crawl space. When it concerns wet crawl space repairs, crawlspace encapsulation, basement waterproofing and moisture management in Manteno, Illinois, Allied Water Services is your ally in these matters. 

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