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Count on our septic tank service for unwavering reliability

Whether you're building a new home, need to locate your current septic tank, need septic repairs, or full sewage system replacement, our team at Allied Water Services uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure that every job is done with precision and efficiency. When you need a septic tank inspection for purchasing a home, we treat each job with a strict time frame in mind.

We are dedicated to ensuring your septic system operates seamlessly, providing you with peace of mind and a dependable solution for your wastewater needs. A secure septic system is paramount for your family's well-being. We service Manteno, IL, and the South Chicagoland area.

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Got a septic emergency?

Imagine your family is getting ready for school and work, and a malfunction in your septic system causes sewage backup. It travels from your bathroom and down the hall and seems to reach every corner. While we won’t say… don’t panic, because that’s what most homeowners do, we do want you to call us right away and let us handle it from there!

Emergency sewer backup and health hazards

Septic companies like ours put this scenario into a category of potential health hazards. When faced with an emergency sewer backup in your home, swift action is crucial. A sewer backup can lead to contamination and the quick spread of harmful pathogens. 

Our expert team is equipped to respond promptly, effectively mitigating the hazard and ensuring a safe living environment. Trust Allied Water Services to handle these critical scenarios and restore the safety and sanitation of your home.

We accurately size your septic tank

Factors come into play, such as the number of bedrooms in your home and the average water usage.  Although we typically size your tank based on the number of bedrooms, it’s important to consider the size of your family and water consumption, as well as what appliances and how often you use them. High water consumption can cause you to need a septic tank pumping sooner than suggested for its size.

Talk to our team today about the condition of your septic tank!

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