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We strategically place your drain tile

When it comes to safeguarding your property against water intrusion and potential damage, drain tile installation and design can play a pivotal role. Drain tile is essentially a perforated pipe surrounded by stone and used for controlling groundwater and drainage issues. Our crew at Allied Water Services offers expert drain tile installation tailored to the unique needs of your Illinois property.

Drain tiles are similar to French drains or perimeter drains in the fact they redirect excess water away from your foundation. They typically work in conjunction with your sump pit or sump pump in your home. Properly designed and installed drain tiles help prevent water accumulation and reduce the risk of foundation damage.

Basement perimeter

Installing drain tiles along the perimeter of your basement's foundation is a common and crucial location. These perimeter drain tiles collect and redirect water that may seep into the basement, preventing flooding and moisture buildup.

Around foundation footing

Installing drain tiles around your foundation footing intercepts water before it reaches the foundation walls. This prevents water pressure from building up against the foundation and minimizes the risk of foundation cracks or leaks.

Along sloped areas

If your property has slopes that direct water toward your home, installing drain tiles along these slopes can divert water away from your foundation, preventing water intrusion and potential damage.

Our expert drain tile services

With our strategic design, our team will employ proven techniques and industry best practices to design a drain tile system that maximizes water diversion and minimizes the risk of water accumulation near your foundation. A well-designed and installed drain tile system not only prevents immediate water issues but also preserves the integrity of your property's foundation over the long term. This investment pays off in terms of property value and reduced foundation and crawl space repair costs. 

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