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Our expertise lies in providing Sewer, Septic, and Waterproofing services in Palos Park IL.

Safeguard your dwelling with our fully insured waterproofing services in Palos Park IL. Rely on our superior septic services and waterproofing solutions to ensure your peace of mind.

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Had a total septic system installation done. Chris did a great job explaining the project and making sure things were done the right way. When we ran into unexpected delays in the permitting process (out of Allied’s control) which pushed the project timeline back, Chris even offered to cancel his family vacation to get our job done sooner.
Tim W.
Chris showed up on time with his team. Very professional, very informative and helped solve my basement crack. He even identified other issues outside and helped plan fixing my other problems.
Jamie J.
They are very professional. Good quality..I had a huge problem and Chris came right away to solve it ,even know it was during the weekend he came to fix my problem..
I definitely will be using them in case I will need something fix again.
Yara M.

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Drainage system in Palos Park IL

Defending Palos Park IL against sewer, septic, and waterproofing threats.

In Palos Park IL, our main objective is to safeguard your property from water-related disasters. With expertise in residential and commercial septic systems, waterproofing services, and foundation repairs, Allied Water Services is renowned for its reliability and competitive pricing. What distinguishes us is our humility, dedication, and commitment to core values, which are reflected in our daily operations. Our intention is not to exploit customers but to deliver the quality craftsmanship they deserve.

Septic Services in Palos Park IL

Septic Services in Palos Park IL

Whether you're erecting a new house, locating your septic tank, requiring septic repairs, or contemplating a complete sewage system replacement, our team at Allied Water Services employs state-of-the-art technology to achieve precision and efficiency in every project. We guarantee the timely completion of septic tank inspections necessary for home purchases.

Sewage Services in Palos Park IL

Sewage Services in Palos Park IL

Allied Water Services specializes in storm work services, providing efficient drainage solutions. Our skilled team manages various storm preparedness duties, such as installing storm sewers and manholes, constructing storm drainage systems, implementing storm traps, and overseeing stormwater utility management.

Basement Waterproofing in Palos Park IL

Waterproofing in Palos Park IL

When addressing moisture problems in crawl spaces, Palos Park IL homeowners turn to Allied Water Services as their preferred provider. Our unique method of sealing and repairing crawlspaces sets us apart from other companies. Trust us to be your go-to for crawlspace waterproofing.

Foundation in need of repair in Palos Park IL

Foundation Repair in Palos Park IL

Seeking foundation repair? Don't procrastinate; address the issue promptly. Trust Allied Water Services in Palos Park IL for reliable solutions. A compromised foundation can lead to numerous issues, including uneven floors, misaligned doors/windows, or water intrusion into your basement or crawl space, often due to inadequate drainage. Contact our professionals today for a complimentary inspection!

We understand these repairs can be costly, we can help!

Finding yourself in a situation where a significant financial investment is needed for a project, but you need more time to handle it, can be challenging. Often, these projects spring up unexpectedly; before you realize it, it's too late. Don't worry, we're here to support you! We've joined forces with Wisetack to provide our customers with flexible financing alternatives. This enables you to spread your payments over time rather than dealing with a single, large expense. The application process is simple and quick - only takes a minute. Plus, exploring your options won't dent your credit score.

Prequalify today without any negative impact on your credit score. Contact us to find out more about how to finance your upcoming project by calling (815) 735-5586 today!

  • Fund Projects Ranging from $500 to $25,000
  • Choose Terms Spanning 3 to 60 months
  • APRs Vary Between 0 and 29.99%
  • No Hidden Charges or Compounding Interest
Foundation Protection in Palos Park IL

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Why select Allied Water Services for your waterproofing, crawlspace, septic, or sewer necessities in Palos Park IL?

Allied Water Services, a community-connected local enterprise, specializes in residential and commercial septic and sewer systems, as well as foundation waterproofing and drainage. Our strength lies not just in our specialized knowledge but also in our approachable customer service. We're committed to more than just providing professional services; we actively participate in community events like church gatherings and neighborhood barbecues whenever possible. The numerous 5-star reviews from our past clients attest to our dedication.

For immediate needs, we provide emergency services, including foundation crack injections, sump pump replacements, and handling sewer and septic backups. Should you encounter any of these issues, don't hesitate to call our team immediately at 815-735-5586

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